About Karen Triggiani


I’m Karen Triggiani! Your freelancing writer, running, baking, and chef(ing?) extraordinaire!

I was inspired to start this blog after being a freelance writer left me wanting more. Getting out and talking to people, learning new skills, and expanding my horizons has led me in a lot of different directions. In the past few years I have gone back to school part-time so I could learn a new language (はじめまして!私はカレンです!), picked up cooking, started writing a novel and gotten back in shape.

Being passionate about cooking (and especially about eating) is kind of a hassle when you have Celiacs, though awareness and fad diet status has made it much easier to find gluten-free substitutes for the simple pleasures like bread and chips. It’s where I want to start my blog, helping others like me find recipes they can make and enjoy, and hopefully expand the breadth of my content from there. Look forward to tasty recipes like gluten-free pizza, odd insights, and the occasional fitness tip.

Happy Cooking!
Karen Triggiani