What is cauliflower rice?

I first heard about cauliflower rice a few years ago when I was hardcore into keto.  While keto is a whole other story, I instantly fell in love with cauliflower rice, and I make at least one meal-prep recipe a week with the stuff.  It’s easy to make, easy to find if you don’t want to make it, and one of the most versatile ingredients you can find…packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber for your gut.

I’ll warn you first: making cauliflower rice is a little messy.  If you’re doing it from scratch, there’s really no way to avoid getting a few bits of cauliflower over your counter, so be prepared for a little cleanup.  It’s easy though.  Simply wash off a whole head of cauliflower (with all the leaves removed, of course) and grate it with your favorite grater.  You can use the coarse side of a box grater, which gives me the best results.  A fine grater is overkill.

If you don’t want to grate it yourself, most grocery stores have it in the refrigerated section, in bags.  You can also find it in the freezer section.  I picked up a big bag at Costco the other week, and it has smaller individual bags inside, which turn out to be a perfect size for a 2 person recipe.

The meal ideas are endless!  One of the first ways I made it was to sauté it in coconut oil with curry powder.  I’m not ashamed to admit I ate the whole pan.  It’s a great base for pizza, mixed with an egg or two and some seasonings.

You can turn it into fried rice with the addition of a few other veggies and some soy sauce.  Or, you can bake it with some of your favorite cheeses for a healthier take on mac n cheese.

The most groundbreaking idea for cauliflower rice is something I found on Reddit.  Somebody made sushi, and used sautéed cauliflower rice instead of actual rice.  They used a little bit of cream cheese to make it sticky, which lends itself well to making sushi with salmon and a little spicy sauce.

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