Breakfast Yogurt Protein Powder

Some people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Other people skip it entirely and don’t eat until sometime in the afternoon.

Me?  I love a nice big breakfast.  It gives me tons of energy through the day, and I wind up eating less for my other meals, which helps me keep my weight in check.  Most days, as much as I wish I had the time, I just can’t make a big, veggie filled omelet or plate of bacon and eggs with some asparagus.  I know I need protein, and I need to be able to make something fast.

So how do I whip up a delicious and healthy breakfast in the 5 minutes I have between my Bikram yoga class and when I have to be at my desk?  Protein powder to the rescue!

No, we’re not talking about shakes.  I like shakes, but only because they’re tasty and give me extra protein.  I’m not a fan of drinking my food, and I just don’t feel full after drinking one.  In fact, sometimes they make me want more, and I keep thinking about food for hours, until my next actual meal.

My magic trick is to take one scoop of protein powder and mix it with about half a cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt.  This is great for a lot of reasons, the first being that I actually get to eat.  I get all the protein from the powder AND from the yogurt, and mixing it together takes one whole minute.  I make sure to take small bites and enjoy each one, because eating slowly helps digestion, and sets off the hormones that make me feel satisfied.

Right now I’m using Legion’s Whey+ in the Cookies and Cream flavor, and the tiny crunchy bits make my breakfast more interesting and fun.  You can use whatever protein powder you like, but I find that whey powder mixes more easily.  Vegetarian protein powders can be used, but some of them stay a little gritty, so get a small jar first to try.  You can also use any yogurt that you like, and pretty much any that you choose will have the probiotic bacteria that are helpful for digestion.

What’s that?  You want a sweet treat?  Bonus, you can use the same basic recipe and add a spoonful of your favorite jam for a protein packed dessert.  Try strawberry or fig jam, with a vanilla or unflavored protein powder.  It’s amazing!

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